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Entrepreneur Spotlight


Bob Sheehy (left)
CEO Bright Health &
Flare Capital Executive Partner

There’s a better way to better health. We are realigning the broken payer-provider relationship, focusing on the consumer, and reimagining how technology can simplify the healthcare experience from beginning-to-end.


Rushika Fernandopulle
Co-founder & CEO
Iora Health

We at Iora Health have a bold vision to restore humanity to healthcare — a team approach that puts the patient first, a payment system based on care (not billing codes), and innovative technologies built around people (not processes).



Stephen McHale
CEO & Cofounder

I am committed to unlocking the power of Big Data to improve healthcare for everyone.


Jeff Margolis
Chairman & CEO

We’re a fanatical team of healthcare enthusiasts who are on a mission to transform the nation’s healthcare system from one of sickcare to optimized health.


Andy Eckert
Valence Health

The US healthcare delivery system is going through a $300 billion shift. Valence Health is taking the lead by offering technology, advisory and managed services to providers as they make the volume-to-value transition.


Darin Brannan
President, CEO &

In order to improve healthcare overall, it is super important to first address the IT foundation. Healthcare IT is moving to the cloud. It is a massive, underpenetrated market and ClearDATA is leading the way.

Recent News

Evolent Health to Acquire Valence Health, Extending Breadth and Depth of Value-Based Care Offering

Washington, DC – July 13, 2016, Evolent Health, Inc. (NYSE:EVH) – Evolent Health, Inc. (“Evolent”) and Valence Health, Inc. (“Valence Health”) announced today that they have entered into a definitive agreement for Evolent to acquire the majority of Valence Health’s business for approximately $145 million.

The combination of Evolent and Valence Health brings together two innovative companies that serve health care providers …



AUG 30

Interesting Tan Lines in Coratia …

Croatia – what a complicated yet beautiful country, and as sports obsessed as any place that I have visited. Of the 4.19 million people, over 400,000 self-identify as active sports participants, with nearly 70% of that group enrolled as a member of a sports association …


JUL 26

An Amazing Halftime Show…

As the healthcare sector heads into the second half of 2016, there is much to be excited about notwithstanding the significant political and regulatory turbulence. Actuaries at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) recently estimated that the U.S. healthcare system spent …


JUL 18

Oops!…I Did It Again…

As the immortal singer, Britney Spears, shared with us over 15 years ago, the venture capital industry “did it again;” that is, in 2Q16 it has invested more capital than it raised. While the amounts raised and invested in the 1Q16 were effectively the same (initially estimated to be $12 billion), during this past quarter VC’s invested at a …